The best gifts to celebrate his first Father’s Day

This Father’s Day cannot be more exciting. For the first time, you are celebrating it with your baby. It’s a special event for dad. Therefore, even if the child cannot think of a gift, we suggest some ideas that you can create together and that you will love.

They are simple things that he will always remember and, better yet, if you record the moment when giving it to him and save it in StepsLife. This way, your child will be able to open his time capsule and see dad’s reaction on his first big Father’s Day.

Ideas with footprints


The prints of your baby’s hands and feet can become the best gift for dad. An alternative is that you ask your partner to stamp his or her handprint on a piece of paper. Do not give details, simply ask to immerse your hand in black paint and put the print on a white paper canvas. Let it dry and when the paint is set, print your baby’s handprint in white paint on top of the black handprint. 

You can also make a gift with a print without dad knowing anything. In this case, instead of the handprint, use his favorite shoes. On the print of his boots, shoes or sneakers, put your little ones’ footprints. The result will be an emotional portrait.


The footprints of your baby can also help you make a portrait to frame. Paint the feet of your little baby in red and print her footprint on white paper. Join the feet by the heels forming the shape of a heart. Add a beautiful dedication and dad will surrendered to this original gift.

Pictures for dad


Give Dad a framed photo so he can put it in his office. To make it slightly different, we suggest you make some pictures of the baby with giant letters that make up his name. You can also use some papers with messages. The face of your children is truly all that dad needs to hold on to this memory forever.


Another alternative is to dress your little one with dad’s clothes. It will be a fun photo session that you can keep intact in StepsLife to enjoy with your baby when he grows up.

Little artists


Turn your child into a little artist with this colorful Father’s Day card. It’s as simple as taking a white sheet of paper and placing the word dad on it with cut out letter. Give your kids finger paints and let them color the card and immerse in their creativity. They will spend a a very entertaining afternoon and when the paint is dry, you can remove the cut out letters that will leave the word “dad” printed in white. Do not forget to take pictures of the process and keep them in your baby’s time capsule so that he remembers how his first gift for Dad was.


Use the same technique but, in this case, use special markers for ceramics instead of finger painting to create a custom cup. Once it is decorated follow the instructions of the manufacturer of the markers to fix the paint in the oven.

Video that he will never forget

In his first year as a dad there have been many unforgettable moments. Now is the time to enter StepsLife and see everything you have lived together. You can download the images and create with them an emotional video to top off all the gifts you’ll give him on his first Father’s Day.

If you still do not have your time capsule, it’s time for you to download it here and start creating the best story in the world, your children’s story.

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