Ideas to enjoy with the kids during Easter

Easter week holidays are coming, the ideal time to plan things with the children and enjoy typical activities during these festive days. And one tradition that gains popularity is that one of the Easter Bunny, who brings us the eggs, according to tradition of the Alsace region. Both the bunny and the eggs, will be an inexhaustible source of creativity and fun for our children during these next holidays. Do not miss these ideas!

Decorate Easter Eggs


Children will love to decorate and give away their Easter eggs. A fun idea in which your kids will be entertained by letting their creativity flow. To make it easier for children to handle and less messy, you can use, in addition to boiled eggs, wooden eggs, plastic or Styrofoam eggs that will endure their creative hand work and one or two occasional falls.

Funny eggs


Use this holiday to decorate Easter Eggs with the shape of the animals that your children like the most. For the little ones we offer you some simple alternatives like these chicks that you can do with yellow paint. Glue some feathers on the top, the children will love decorating the chicks with different hairstyles. Some pieces of adhesive colored paper will serve to make the eyes and the beak.


Easter Bunny Banner

A simple craft that you can make with your children at home is an Easter garland shaped like a bunny. Create an example as reference for the children for them to copy in different colored papers. Carefully cut each of the silhouettes and ask the little ones for help to place the tail of the rabbit with a pompom and a glue stick. Finish the craft by taping all the bunnies along a string. Hang it in your room and it’s ready to go!

Easter Egg Hunt


The kids will have a great time in a fun Easter egg hunt where, as a reward, you can give some Easter Chocolate Eggs to them. Go outside with the children and make sure they run from one side of the park to the other in search of the eggs. You can leave them under a bench, next to the bushes or hide them among the things you carry. If you have a garden, take advantage of that and place the eggs between the plants, in the pots or on the lawn. If the weather is bad you can do the activity inside the house hiding the eggs in places accessible to children.

Easter picnic


Take advantage of the good weather and enjoy a picnic with the kids. A blanket and a pair of cushions will serve as a comfortable table. Add in your basket some sandwiches cut in the shape of a bunny, some boiled eggs to which you can paint some faces with a black marker and some sweets. Do not forget to put some chocolate Easter eggs for the end of the party.

You can also surprise children with some games like throwing eggs, (for which you need some plastic ones which you can fill with rice to get them to weigh more) or throwing eggs full of paint to a white canvas to create a fun picture.

And, above all, do not forget to take lots of photos and videos to keep in StepsLife, your time capsule.

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