Symptoms of pregnancy that nobody ever told you about: something you can give a humorous twist to

You’ve just discovered that you’re pregnant and the truth is that it is the happiest moment of your life. A lot of people are going to come to tell you how you are going to live this experience, but what nobody tells you is that pregnancy also has parts that few people want to remember.

Here we discuss some symptoms of pregnancies that nobody told you about. The best way to handle these situations is to think about it as though you are harboring your greatest treasure in your belly and remember, take it with humor; a lot of humor.

Everybody wants to touch your tummy

Smiling friends touching tummy of pregnant woman

Instead of having a baby inside, you seem to have incorporated a magnet of great power that attracts the attention and touch of everyone who passes by you. Your belly has a powerful aura that makes the hands of relatives, friends and even strangers, to want to deliver at least a brief caress. The positive part is that this effect intensifies as more months pass.

Learn an unknown vocabulary

close up of pregnant woman with tablet pc at home
With pregnancy you have to do an accelerated master’s degree in special terminology for future moms. You face situations of much confusion: routine pregnancy tests that you had never heard of, things necessary for the birth of the baby that you did not even cross your mind, or moments when you have to use the Internet to know the difference between a muslin and a Porteo handkerchief. And that’s not to mention the components of the hygiene products and cosmetics that you use while your tummy grows, or the ingredients of baby products with very names you’ve never heard of. And in this case, it doesn’t help much to call your mother for help, because you need to understand that these things evolve at the speed of light.

The unpleasant world of smells

Young vomiting woman sitting on sofa

People tell you that your sense of smell changes during pregnancy, but what you could not imagine is that the aroma that you loved or the perfume that you always put on now causes irremediable nausea. There will be meals that you stop eating just because their smell repels you, during pregnancy. And not to mention situations where you’re riding public transport in the summer, when your nose is overdeveloped, and you detect every possible smell of all those who accompany you in the car. Have courage, post-delivery, things will return to normal.

Things that your belly does not let you do

Foot swelling during pregnancy
There comes a moment in your pregnancy where doing small things like waxing body hair, painting your toenails or tying your shoelaces becomes practically impossible. Getting to your feet is basically a titanic task because your belly keeps you from seeing where they are. Imagine that you couldn’t see what it would mean to climax with your own fingers. The best part is that you now have the best of excuses to get your partner to be in charge of giving you foot massages every night.

Sleeping or not sleeping

During pregnancy you will go through many phases, from the fatigue of the first trimester, which can lead you to have crave constant sleep, to the insomnia of the last. Imagine trying to roll over on the bed with a huge belly. At each movement, from one place to another, you will feel like a truck full of barrels. Maintaining postures is not easy, nor comfortable, although the best recommendation is to sleep with a pillow between the knees, since it relieves the complication involved in resting when you are pregnant. While you turn and thrust a thousand and one times, get used to listening to the placid snoring of your partner.

One set of clothes does not fit you while the other one is left completely oversized

Pregnant woman weighing herself on a bathroom scale

When you are pregnant, you begin to notice that the gut grows to you blows. One day you’re normal, and the next, you seem to have eaten a watermelon. Consequently, it becomes difficult to enter each next day wearing the same set of pants. The clothes that were in your closet do not fasten well, and the one you bought as a pregnant woman droops because you still do not have a tummy to fill it. Get used to the fact that for a few months, it is impossible to combine models or wear the same clothes until you get grow larger.

You must accept everything with humor in this is part of the adventure of being a mother. Enjoy every day of your pregnancy and save all the memories of these magical moments with StepsLife: the time capsule for your kids.

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