The 7 best gifts for a pregnant woman

When you’re expecting, many people want to celebrate with you. And one of the ways to visibly make you happy is through gifts. But what can we gift a pregnant woman with? What would amaze a future mom in a way that she would always remember?

Put aside the more conventional details and get ready to surprise someone with one of the following ideas that you will surely remember for a long time. This is our list of top 6 gifts you can present to a pregnant woman.

1.4D Ultrasounds


Surprise the future mother by giving her an ultrasound in 4D that allows one to watch, before birth, how the little one appears to wait. The moment when the family sees their unborn child’s face for the first time is unforgettable, almost as emotional as having the baby in your arms. A perfect memory to store in your baby’s time-capsule, and enjoy looking back at, when they are much older.

2. Babymoon

It is very likely that with the arrival of the baby, the mother would have less time to dedicate for herself and the parent-couple. That is why, before childbirth, give the pregnant woman her own babymoon, a sort getaway present, as a mini-honeymoon before the baby’s birth.

3. A great photo session for pregnant women


A gift that delights pregnant women is having a photo session that showcases their beautiful belly bump. Choose a professional photographer who can capture the magic of having a new life inside of you, at the studio or in an outdoor setting. The countryside, a park or the beach are perfect settings for an unforgettable photo session. Among the many possibilities are: the mother posing alone, or accompanied by the dad, or even having some fun pictures taken with the rest of the family with the other little siblings.

4. Belly Painting

Another option, if you’ve already reserved the photo session, is to combine it with a belly-painting session – a version of body painting adapted to pregnant women. There are some incredible artists of this particular form who portray on the tummy landscape, things like mandalas, animal forms or even fruit. Without a doubt, it is a gift you’d never forget. The way to make sure it is always in our memory is to record the video session and take pictures that show the transformation of the process. All you have to do is simply upload them to StepsLife and save them as part of the baby’s story.

The best time to present such a gift is during the second trimester of pregnancy, once the initial discomfort has passed and before the pregnant woman is too tired or stressed.

5. Pillows for pregnant women

Pregnant woman resting on the couch with pillow

If you prefer a more materially practical gift that the mother can keep and use over time, we recommend buying a pregnancy pillow with which to improve sleeping positions for the mother. It is the perfect way to accommodate the belly on the bed and get a better position.

6. Massage for pregnant women

The weight of the tummy, and the changes that occur in the body of a pregnant woman make massage or physiotherapy sessions a wonderful experience to present as gifts. While choosing a session, make sure the concerned parties are specialists in the treatment of pregnant women, and that the professional space is equipped with specially designed chairs or stretchers that can accommodate your tummy. It will be a pleasure to receive a relaxing back massage while lying completely face-down. In addition, with this, the future mother unloads the stress in her lumbar area and improves the circulation around her tired legs.

7. StepsLife

To ensure that all the special gifts you present a pregnant woman with become part of the baby’s memories, do not forget to subscribe to StepsLife, since one of the best gifts we can give to the entire family and the baby is a means of storing and safeguarding the best memories of their lives. You can share it with whomever you want and relive their adventures at any point of time.

So, what do you think about our proposals on “gifts to give to pregnant women”?


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