5 Quick and healthy breakfasts for the children of the house


We all know that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. It has to fill us with energy to face a new day, so it is essential to instil the habit of eating well when children are still young. The excuses we always make when we don’t have breakfast is the lack of time and the haste. But none of them will be valid anymore because we are here to help you with 5 recipes for easy, rich and quick breakfasts.

Banana pop


A full breakfast consisting of fruit, yogurt and cereals. This proposal is made with banana, but you can vary and use strawberry, pineapple or kiwi as the main ingredient. Preparing this breakfast is so simple that children can help you or even they can make themselves. Start by pouring the cereals (which you have previously crushed slightly) or granola into a plate. Peel, cut the bananas in half and dip them in yogurt. If it’s Greek type, denser, use a knife. Finally, coat the bananas with the cereal/granola, place them in the sticks and they are ready to eat. Another option is to use chopped cookies instead of cereals.

Breakfast in a jar


There are some kids who have a problem when finishing their breakfast because we put too many options for the first meal of the day. In this case, when you put all the ingredients in a jar the child will believe that it has less quantity. The trick of this preparation is to place at the base of the jar the fruits you are going to use, in the in the medium the Greek yoghurt and on top the cereals, biscuits or even sponge cake. Some ideas you can use are mix strawberries, yoghurt and pistachio; peach, yoghurt and nuts; red fruits, yoghurt and granola or strawberries, yoghurt and pieces of sponge cake.

Light up your morning


Take a look at these fun toasts that children will eat without questions asked. Also, you can make any design you want. You just have to have a toaster to make the toasts. Before putting them in, place a stencil with the design you prefer made with aluminum foil. This covered area will turn out to be white. The kids will love it!

French toast


If we look for irresistible breakfasts, we cannot miss this French toast sandwich filled with cheese and fruit. For this recipe you will need a little more time or, if necessary, have French toasts ready to heat. They are cooked by wetting the bread (white or whole wheat) in a mixture of milk and egg, then fry it. Add a generous spoonful of cottage cheese or cream cheese and a few pieces of strawberry or berries.

Healthy pancakes


Believe it or not, the pancakes are a quick breakfast because you can have the dough made and ready to make or have the pancakes ready and heat them in the microwave. In this case we are going to substitute the traditional flour for one of oats (add 150 g) and the egg and sugar for a ripe banana. The first thing you have to do is crush the banana and mix it with a glass of milk. Add to this mixture the oats, a teaspoon of yeast and a pinch of salt. Heat a slightly oiled pan on medium heat and add pour the batter forming circles in the pan. Leave until they make bubbles. Flip the pancake and wait until the other side is a little bit golden. An irresistible breakfast for the whole family.

How do you like our ideas for breakfast? Do you have any special, rich and fast recipe that your kids adore?

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