Bath time: a unique moment to share with your baby


Water’s the right temperature, a little foam, a soft sponge and you’re set to have a magical moment with your little one: bath time. Bathing is not only a special moment during which you can play with your baby but is really a well-received break for both of you. Do not forget to immortalize these moments through photographs and videos with StepsLife so you can always remember them. Here we have some tips so that you get the most out of that special moment with your baby; care to join us?

Emotions of color

Little boy with duck in bath

Make your little one even happier playing around in the bathroom. For this, we suggest you use some color to deck the place with. Mix different colored sponges in your bath put balls of different shades or small plastic ducks with striking tones. The bathroom, besides serving as a relaxed aesthetic environment, can also be a fantastic play space to share with your baby. Also, have you thought about the incredible photographs that would result from having all these things in the bathtub?

Let’s play

Other possibilities to play and share the moments during bathing is to get creative with soap bubbles. Use a bubble-blower and have your child follow the bubbles or try and catch them with their hands. How many of them will end being burst? What we assure you is your entertainment, with the small laughs. You could also try to place the child in an adapted bathtub inside yours, at home. This way, you can share the space together.

Baby girl washing her hair with shampoo

Share laughs

Kids perceive bath-time as intimate and special, and something that is important to them to share with mom and dad. If the child notices you’re worried, for instance, before you retreat to the water, or are in a hurry or are nervous, you may end up upsetting bath-time. Try and turn it into a game-like moment that will lead you to discover new experiences together.

Your relaxation space

Make the bathroom a space where the two of you can calm down as you prepare for the night’s rest. Using a small jar, use water on your chest, back and head (without falling on your eyes); give the baby small massages while in the water or caress its tender body with the tips of your fingers. Some extra elements, such as relaxing music or their favorite lullabies, will help create a more unique ambience.

Smiling baby play with duck in bath

Special memories

Some of your best childhood memories may likely be those associated with bath time. Images and videos that you will never forget and will always put a smile on your face. So, don’t forget to take funny photos and videos while you bathe your little one. You could take snapshots while teaching them how to splash around in the water, an activity they’d surely love. Record yourself blowing bubbles and your little one trying to catch them. Other essential photos in your album ought to be those that have you with your head full of foam or an improvised foam-beard. They are sure to become very special memories that they may love to relive, and thanks to StepsLife, that’s possible when they grow up.

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