Grandparents; oh, what would we do without them?


They are always there. Just a phone call away, willing to help us and save our souls. Our beloved grandparents, without whom motherhood would just be so much harder.

And it’s not just parents, whose lives they make a difference to; grandparents are also key players in the education and overall development of our children. They are the ones who can best raise them in our absence, just as they dedicated their lives to raising us.

Use their wisdom to the fullest

Happy grandmother holding cute baby

They say that experience is a source of wisdom, and that statement seems to hold more truth when it comes to grandparents. Nobody knows how to deal with children like they do. Most of them have already lived that life, and from their own experience, know what works and how to put things into practice. Usually, we turn to friends, specialists or even the Internet to figure out how to behave with our kids. Ask grandparents instead. They will likely have the most insightful and ingenuine advice for their beloved family, in addition to having them feel gratified.

With grandparents on your side, you’ll have the advantage of valuable, trans-generational experience being transmitted when it comes to caring for your children, and probably even spot certain behavioral patterns that your own parents may be all too familiar with.

A coordinated upbringing

Senior man playing with his grandson

Let grandparents love you, give them a thousand kisses, endless hugs, play with them and make plans together to do all the things that come to mind. Even though you may want to have certain limits, that is your role.

Perhaps grandparents may sometimes be stricter or more permissive than we would like them to have been, but any situation regarding the education of a child is subject to change or improvement, provided we talk them through it. Devise a common line of action or a protocol of sorts with your parents and parents-in-law, that everyone is comfortable with. After all, they are going to spend a lot of time with your children, so it is important for children to see that there are some guidelines marked in their holistic education.

The joy of being together

Modern senior couple taking a selfie

Being a grandparent may just be one of the best stages of mature life. Enjoy your time with grandchildren as if they were your own children, just without the stress involved in parenting. Strong, meaningful relationships with grandparents provide children with a sense of security and stability, a boost in confidence and empathy for others, as well as an anchoring with their past that entails many endearing moments.

For grandparents, at a time when they no longer have anyone who depends directly on them, the arrival of children implies a shot at living a second period of youth. It is time to fulfil those dreams that remained pending from their own parenthood.

Surely you may want to thank your parents very much for everything they’ve done and continue to do. What’s the most important thing for you when you reprise the role of a grandparent?

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