6 types of photos you must take of your child before they turn 2


The spontaneity that kids bring makes for some perfect opportunities to capture unforgettable photos; images that exude affection, tenderness and are full of humor. Could you imagine how magical it’d be if one day your children were to look back at those photos with their own children?

Below are six photo opportunities we’d like to propose to capture your little girl in before she turns two. All you have to do is get your camera ready and save all of these memories to StepsLife. When your little ones grow up, they’ll be able to relive these treasurable moments.

1. Fun with food

Feeding. Baby's first solid food

For kids, the world is out there for them to explore, everything’s a wonderful game. And one of the aspects of their journey has to do with food. Specifically, it’s those moments where they begin to consume solid foods and begin to internalize the sensation of new textures, flavors, aromas..and they want to do this all by themselves. What you couldn’t imagine is that in addition to some splashes of purée, you could find faces smeared with chocolate, spaghetti wigs or the bizarre faces they make the first time they try eating lemons.

Don’t ever throw away an opportunity to save these wonderful moments… fun pictures to reminisce about each time you see them.

2. Like mom and dad

smiling little girl and mother with painted face looking closely

If there is something that all kids love, it’s to imitate mom and dad. Don’t be surprised when you find them walking around the house or, at least, trying to do so, in oversized high-heeled shoes. It’s truly amazing yet heartening to see how someone so small can pull that off!

And of course, another one of those special moments is when they discover a different kind of treasure that is mom’s makeup. Eyeshadows, pencils and, above all, lipsticks make the party fun. A whole universe of colors with which to paint themselves, although results may not always be what you’d want or expect.

3. Rock stars

little boy playing with kitchen utensils

Kids love spending time in the kitchen. In addition to feeling closer to you at all times, there are avenues to discover a world of utensils and food that has the potential to become the center of their daily games. In particular, one of their hobbies often tends to be transforming everyday items such as pots, pans or ladles into innovative, musical instruments to create rhythms and music with. Take advantage of these improvisations sessions to record your future rockstars-in-the-making on video, playing a makeshift drumset made from pots and pans, with all their heart.

4. New hairstyles and beards

Bathing Baby

Parents are generally big fans of their children and love to store little episodes of their early years. Bath time is one of them. In addition to the beautiful photos, you could take of your children in the bathtub or the potty, make sure to take some funny snaps where they’ve got cute little foam peacocks on their head or stylized as a beard. You’re going to have some wonderful moments eternalized, that is sure to always make you smile.

5. Splashing around in the mud

Happy Little Child Covered in Dirt PLaying Outside

What child isn’t happy while pretending to be their favorite Peppa Pig from TV? Maybe it’s because puddles have a special allure that is impossible for children to resist. And, for parents, it’s fun to watch them jump around, over and over again, causing the shallow water splash, even if they manage to cover themselves in mud and dirt. These are moments that reflect the happiness of childhood that can’t be a part of StepsLife.

Take advantage of any rainy day to slip on your boots and raincoat and head on out over to the street to have a great time: your kids with their constant frolicking and you make sure to take some fantastic photos to immortalize those moments.

6. Strange and funny faces

Cute toddler frowns and expresses disagreement on his face.

Not all baby photos need to be constituted by that “perfect smile”. The best ones are subtler, during moments when they’re clearly distracted and naturally end up making those seemingly impossible faces.

Don’t resist the deliberate pouts they make when the tears start to roll down their eyes. That special grimace on their face, with the mouth, when they try to blow kisses in the air is something you’d want to take note of. And not mention, those expressions that transcend on their faces when they try some strange new food or begin brushing their teeth. Don’t you just fell like gobbling them up when they make those faces?

Now all that’s left is for you to pick up your camera or your mobile phone and start saving those memories to your StepsLife account, the time capsule of your children.

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