The 5 best books for pregnancy and motherhood with humor


If there’s something that can’t be missed during your pregnancy and motherhood, it’s humor. Beyond the initial discomfort, where you’re left feeling like a whale about to burst on a beach, sleepless nights and worries (which only worsen over time), humor is one of the few resources left to save mothers from completely burning out.

Just so you never forget to smile, we’re recommending a few books that could help you face pregnancy with a smile on your face. Don’t you just want to add a smile to your day? Here are 5 essential books to take motherhood on with humor.

1. I’m a Good Malamadre


You want to be the best mother in the world, but reality makes most of us good or bad mothers. It is not about contradicting anything that’s out there. It’s real life, without screens or filters. Although your dream of being a perfect, journal-worthy mother, there are times when motherhood overwhelms you and you might feel you’re being a bad mother, just like the ones in Laura Baena’s book.

Mothers who change just to prong themselves on the floor for the amusement of their children, to some playing house coupled with periods of disconnection with their kids, while they continue to look at drawings their kids did. And not to mention bedtime stories. Have you ever dozed off while reading a goodnight story to your child? Even the best of us fall sometimes.

2. How to Be a Croissant Mommy


If you are one of those moms that have ever thought that children from other countries behave better than yours, this is your book. The story of a North American mother trying to adapt to life in France where, unlike her home country, children – states the author – are more educated and are open to eating everything. How will they do it?

It is not an educational manual but a book set in a humorous key in which would probably teach you to relativize motherhood, upbringing and, above all, to take life with children from a more relaxed perspective.

3. Relaxing mum (of coffee with milk)


What would we mothers do without those moments of relaxation alone, or those in which we share our day to day with friends and confidants over a cup of coffee (with cream)? Those moments are what Sara Palacios describes in her book. It is not a full-fledged volume (since most mothers may not find time to read a whole lot) but is rather written in the form of short chapters to address specific periods of time.

Here’s where you discover (if you still do not know) that it’s not always rosy and sunny during maternity. Although we adore our children and believe that they have been the best gift of our lives, there are fleeting moments where, as Palacios says, “I would erase myself from being a mother”. Just a few pages written to make you laugh at yourself in good spirit, and where you feel somewhat validated.

4. 39 Weeks and My experiences as a new mother


Being a new mother isn’t easy. What’s most complicated is to learn to take things with a pinch of humor, to diffuse tension from various situations. That is what illustrator, Esther Gili, does that manages to bring a smile on your face, through bits of her life as a pregnant woman and a new mother.

Through drawings and vignettes, she tells us about her experiences– those that any mother could experience. Both books are full of descriptive situations where you’d see your own reflection. They’re ideal; have a good time reading illustrations without having to spend too much time reading. These are some classics to return to each time you want to explore the humor in experiencing motherhood.

5. How to be a geek mom and not die trying


The essential guide for all geek moms. In case you are one of those mothers that buy tickets to see the latest Star Wars premiere months before or are a hardcore Game of Thrones fan, this is your book. Motherhood is no excuse to abandon your geek heritage; quite the opposite, in fact. Now you must bequeath your greatest gift of fanaticism.

In this book you will find many ideas to share with your little ones, everything they need to be baby geeks: craft, leisure activity ideas, games… A whole new world to discover for them.

Which one would you choose?

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