Lucía Patata Fría: “Take daily photos so that when we see them in the future, they’ll take us back to those moments”

There is no magic moment that she wouldn’t know how to immortalize in the best way. Even though Lucía Patata Fría denies restricting her photo specialization areas to just one field, she does love to shoot images of pregnant women, newborns, families, and even products.

She’s responsible for leaving us her photography secrets during an interview in which we’re trying to find out how we could get those special memories to store in StepsLife, and with which to remember her best stories.

Q.- We want to take a special photo of our children. We’d like to use it as a souvenir, to send along with a birthday invitation, a surprise for the family, or something on those lines…Do we look for a nice interior setting or do we go out to the street and take advantage of the exteriors?

R. – As long as the photo moves you, is well lit, and your child has a nice smile on their face (assuming it would complement the invitation to their “Happy Birthday” party) it doesn’t really matter if you’re shooting indoors or outdoors. We could take advantage of several areas in and around our houses, streets in the city center, or many others…


Q. – If we do decide to do them outside, what spaces would you say are suitable to take the best pictures of the children?

R. – There are many spaces that could be useful, some that may even at first not seem so; they can give you some surprising results.

I typically like to take pictures at sunset on the beach, in forested or very green areas, natural spaces, etc., although it is true that lately, I’ve been tending towards more beautiful alleyways of the city center where I live.

I love the results from the photos with graffiti backgrounds, or cool doors, streets with earthy tones, and blurred background lights… I would avoid playgrounds that usually have swings with red, blue, green, or other similar, intense colors …
What’s important is to have a space that is safe, has the right temperature, and that speaks to a fun time for the kids.

Q. – Would any time work or are there specific times of the day that you would recommend having photo sessions in?

R. – The better your plan, the more likely it is that you’ll have the desired results. In your planning, make sure to account for, for the moment, these two factors:
1. Light: Mastering light in photography is fundamental, we must know what the best hours are to take photos at home, and similarly for the outside …
2. The spirit of our little ones: That they are rested and have eaten, is fundamental for babies. In general, they tend to be more receptive to being photographed in the morning.


Q.- There is a question that all parents and mothers who love photography will surely ask you, which is: do we get our children to pose or should we rather a simple shoot in an attempt to capture them au naturale?

R. – Always natural! Children are natural in themselves; the camera does not intimidate them, and these are the only two factors that play in our favor. To get good photos of the kids, what you need to do is play, have fun, talk to them, and not force them to pose because they will eventually get tired, which will likely frustrate you at the same time.

If they are young, singing songs with them is generally an infallible trick (The “Five Lobitos” is my personal favorite) and if they happen to be older, start a conversation about topics that interest the two of you and forget that you are taking pictures of them.

Another option for stellar results is to take photos while they are distracted, in their environment, with their things … that’s the photography lifestyle! It’s not about just taking pictures the day they become handsome or are attending their cousin’s communion, it’s really about everyday photos that when you see them in the future, they’ll move you right back to the precise moment when you took it.

Q. – If we were to take photos with our mobile devices, we know about the availability of apps to edit them at the moment. What is something we should never do with a good picture of our children?

R.- Every new wave of mobile apps appear to be better than the last, with more options for customizability. With them, one could actually produce authentic, and almost professional, photo edits.

I only use two applications to touch up photos on the phone though:

Snapseed It is a great application to incorporate technical retouching (white balance, horizon balance, noise reduction, etc.) and to make basic retouching (brightness, temperature, contrast, saturation). It is quite accurate and gives very good results.

VSCO is the one with the best filters hands down; very intuitive and customizable. If you remember with older photographs, you had many paid filters, but now, you have a whole range of these free selections that will do you artistic wonders. Just browse around and choose the one you might like for your photo!

Now that we know Lucia Patata Fría’s secrets about photographing your child, it’s time to take action, and capture the most special moments of our kids!


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