First aid for stressed moms

You would never have thought about the stress level that a mother has until one day you see yourself in situations in which you never imagined yourself.

We live the days at a frantic pace that is far from being healthy. Our lives are an act of juggling where it is not always easy to keep everything under control.

The days are very similar to each other, the alarm goes off and the race begins again: you get dressed, you help them get dressed, you eat breakfast, you get angry, you scream, you relax, you walk out the door, you forget something at home, you go back, everyone in the car, drive them to school and you run to work. So, every day you start the day and you hardly have any energy left.

I think that with all this, we have enough arguments to show that mothers are among the most stressed people on the planet. But everything has a solution, and whoever says otherwise, lies.

Next, we show you a series of day-to-day situations that can generate stress but that are easy to face with the following tips:

That’s me? Humor as an ally


You never thought about how much motherhood stressed you until one morning you see yourself running to avoid being late to school with a shoe of every color or worse, in-house slippers! Relax, it happens to us all, take it with humor because it is possible that it is not the first or the last time that happens to you.

Eating in secret


You need a moment to relax. Solution? Lock yourself in the bathroom and eat some chocolate or ice cream as if there was no tomorrow. Why the bathroom? The answer is simple, this is the only room with a lock where you can make sure that all the sweets are only for you.

Alert mother yes, but not 24 /7


Since the alarms came in handy with your mobile phone you live much happier. Now you do not forget what time to go dancing, what day is the football championship when you have a meeting with the teacher … Your life is marked, in addition to the stress of never arriving on time, by the alarms of your mobile phone. Give yourself the freedom to turn off or put your mobile phone in airplane mode for a few hours a day, if they do not find you they cannot tell you anything.

We are no longer nocturnal beings


You know that you are a stressed mother, but above all exhausted, when you were planning a romantic evening with your partner for a week and you end up sleeping 10 minutes after finishing your dinner! Our advice is simple, do not wait for the night, find spaces during the day where you can enjoy couple time in the same way.

More cartoons

giphy (10)

Surely one day you discover, like me, turning on the TV and ending up staring at your kids mouth-open for five minutes in which they never call out your name while they were watching Pocoyo. We do not know if it is a symptom of your fatigue or a chance to try out something new- Whatever it is, sit with your children and enjoy, what’s wrong with watching cartoons with your kids?

Musical hits


We went from knowing all the new music hits of the moment to compulsively singing under the shower all the Frozen songs. Do not be alarmed, whether it is Frozen or the hit of summer, singing always releases tension.

Where’s my kid?


Your level of stress is proportional to some small oversights. Maybe you’ll start fixing the trolley, taking out the bag, the diaper bag, the bucket and the shovel coming down from the trunk … That’s fine. You start heading to the park, but what about your son? For a few seconds, you had forgotten to take him out of the car. It happens to us all, nobody is perfect. Relax, but above all, do not blame yourself.

Life is full of glitter


You, who hated the pink color, live now in a world full of pink glitter. It’s not that you like it, it’s that you give in to stop arguing with your daughter. With time you will end up realizing that nothing is as bad as you thought. If your daughter adores glitter, why not you?

Have you felt identified with any of these situations? If the answer is yes, remember that it happens to all of us. Being a mother is a huge blessing, there’s no reason to stress!


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