7 homemade activities to awaken your child’s curiosity


Curiosity is a quality characteristic describing the essence of childhood. For babies, each activity is a surprise; a novel opportunity to turn it into a game.

Our little ones are curious by nature. The world appears to be something new for them and is full of adventures. Below, we’ve proposed some simple activities for you and your child to enjoy, and even enhance their curiosity.

Play to store everything


Although in a few years it will seem like a lie to you, for as long as you are a baby, you’ll love placing things in their rightful places. In fact, this will be one of your favorite activities. Give your child relatively manageable objects that can be kept inside boxes or baskets, always ensuring that they are not too small or have pieces that can be detached. Of course, forget that the place where you store them is your ideal site. Children use a system of order that is significantly different from that of adults.

Water, and more water


Even things as simple as water can turn into your ally when playing with the kids. Try getting food color in various bowls to see your baby’s reaction to the vibrant colors. You can also play with bubbles; kids love bubbles. Hours and hours of straight-up fun!

Varying temperatures


This is another game with which will entertain you and get you to explore your surroundings more. All you have to do is present the child with a selection of objects that have different temperatures. One hot, others at room temperature and a third, cold. Your baby will be surrounded by sensations that he may never have experienced before.

The power of gravity

Baby looking inside a drawer

Children are amazed by objects that fall to the ground (yes, you heard that correctly). But it can still be more fascinating with this simple game. You need objects that you can put inside a paper tube. Have them go to one extreme and discover how they come out at the other end. For them, it’s going to be pure magic.

Playing with paper is fun


How many times have you asked yourself why children are more attracted to the packaging than the gift itself? The answer is simple: it is because they can tear it, break it and manipulate it completely at will. Put different sheets or pieces of papers in a box and let them have a confetti party.

StepsLife NOTE: remember to have the vacuum cleaner on hand around the time the party begins to close.

Sensory boxes

Toddlers playing with sensory bin with colourful rice on red table

Create a sensory box with elements that have something in common. You can take objects that have, for instance, the color orange (a fruit, a carrot, a ball, orange-coloured paper…), a shape, or simply anything that corresponds to the ongoing season of the year.

Repeat and repeat again

child little boy playing wooden toy pyramid himself at home or kindergarten. early development of children

Kids love repetition! Try making repetitive patterns with children. Create series of patterns where all objects are of the same size, of the same family or of the same color. Teach your child how to do it and then encourage them to do the same.

Now that you know how to stimulate your baby’s curiosity, you have no excuse. Encourage your little one to question the world around them, and to explore and enjoy learning new things. The adventure begins today!

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