Make Memories Through Sharing Creativity


For busy, working parents, coming up with ideas for bonding time with their kids can be tough. Art projects are a great way of doing that, whilst giving kids an opportunity to exercise their free will and build something artsy on their own. Collaborating with kids on art projects is a way to share that experience with them, and encourage their growth and individuality – with an output at the end that you can save!

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5 photos to try and capture during your baby’s first week of life

As a parent, it’s natural to want to capture every little detail of your child’s life – from the first tilt of the head to each little yawn waiting to escape that tiny mouth. The first week of a baby’s life is especially significant, as it is replete with a number of firsts – the first nap, the first bath, and even the first tears. Here are five photos in a baby’s first week that absolutely need to be taken. Continue reading “5 photos to try and capture during your baby’s first week of life”

Get fit with your baby

Playing sports not only helps keep the body in shape, but it also helps us to free ourselves from daily life stress. That is why it is recommended to exercise during pregnancy and, once the baby is born, exercise progressively and under medical control to maintain a routine. However, exercising during the first year of your baby’s life is not always easy.

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6 photos that shouldn´t be missing from your family’s autumn album

Autumn is here, the perfect season to make small family getaways and enjoy nature. And simple family activities can lead to magical moments that you will always remember.

For those moments, you never want to forget, we propose you 6 ideas to take the best autumn pictures that you should not be missing from your family album.

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Best costumes for your baby’s first Halloween

There’s little time left before Halloween, and you still don’t have your baby’s costume ready? Don’t worry, we have just the solution!

Even though your little one may not have any clue about what Halloween is, his/her first costume is something that you’d probably want to remember forever. From baby animals to cute, magical characters, we’ve tried to round up the most adorable costumes for your baby’s first Halloween celebration. Let’s get on with it! Continue reading “Best costumes for your baby’s first Halloween”