5 Quick and healthy breakfasts for the children of the house


We all know that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. It has to fill us with energy to face a new day, so it is essential to instil the habit of eating well when children are still young. The excuses we always make when we don’t have breakfast is the lack of time and the haste. But none of them will be valid anymore because we are here to help you with 5 recipes for easy, rich and quick breakfasts. Continue reading “5 Quick and healthy breakfasts for the children of the house”

5 tips for preventing our kids’ colds and flu

How difficult it is to get rid of colds! Not a year will pass without a virus appearing in our home and leaving us with a cough, a runny nose, a headache and or even a high fever. In fact, it is the biggest reason why children often miss daycare or school.

To avoid these annoying symptoms we give you 5 homemade tips to prevent a cold: Continue reading “5 tips for preventing our kids’ colds and flu”

Simple recipes kids can be part of

Cooking isn’t just for adults: as well as being a fun and creative activity for the whole family, learning to cook can help kids to be responsible and confident, and teaches them to take care of themselves. And cooking together can be great fun – while you’re preparing more complex dishes, kids can be right alongside you, helping bring together a meal for everyone in the family. There are a number of dishes that kids can help out with or even learn to whip up in a matter of a few minutes, and here are some popular favorites: Continue reading “Simple recipes kids can be part of”

Get fit with your baby

Playing sports not only helps keep the body in shape, but it also helps us to free ourselves from daily life stress. That is why it is recommended to exercise during pregnancy and, once the baby is born, exercise progressively and under medical control to maintain a routine. However, exercising during the first year of your baby’s life is not always easy.

Continue reading “Get fit with your baby”

My son eats better than I do

They say that when you become a mom, things change. I can’t say that was true for me across the spectrum, but it certainly was in the kitchen. Over the past year I’ve chosen to bring better foods without GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and organic fruits and vegetables to the dinner table. The change came not just for the benefit of my son, but for the whole family. Adopting this lifestyle was not easy and balance is important in maintaining a healthy habits, including for baby.

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Child’s first 0-5 years: tips for ensuring good nutrition

During a child’s first 0-5 years, he is growing at an alarming rate, and also requires additional energy for play. The right nutrition is needed to ensure growth and set a healthy foundation for life. It isn’t easy getting kids to eat right, but the following advice should help. Continue reading “Child’s first 0-5 years: tips for ensuring good nutrition”