Five fun desserts to make with the kids


For any family, it’s the simple, daily activities that have the potential to excite your children a lot more than we tend to believe. To spend a fun evening at home, we propose that you indulge in the preparation of some delicious desserts with your children. Simple recipes with which to test our expertise as chefs, as well as encouraging the creativity of children through basic culinary education. Continue reading “Five fun desserts to make with the kids”

Costumes to enjoy the carnival with family

The best way to enjoy the carnival is to do it as a family. To amplify fun and laughter, instead of picking individual costumes, you might want to look for a common theme that unites all members of the family. To make it easier, we’ve got suggestions for costume themes that you could consider for this carnival with your family.

Are you ready for the party? Continue reading “Costumes to enjoy the carnival with family”

The importance of friendship in childhood

Friends are an indispensable part of life, but when we talk about children, their importance is even greater. As well as being key players in children’s emotional lives, friendships during childhood helps our kids develop fully and teaches them basic, yet necessary, social skills. Continue reading “The importance of friendship in childhood”

For a 2018 marked by good resolutions


As the new year approaches, with it come the endless lists of positive resolutions that you expect to achieve. With that being said, the resolutions that both dads and mums must commit the most with are the ones regarding their children.

In this article, we offer you five resolutions that mums from the StepsLife team have embedded in a letter to their little kids: Continue reading “For a 2018 marked by good resolutions”

4 Car games that won’t drive you crazy and might even help your kids learn something

Nearly every manual says the same thing about road trips – they are fun, free, and liberating. Well, ask any parent if this is true of family road trips, and they’ll silently, almost guiltily, disagree just a little bit. The truth is, taking kids along on a long drive, with them cozied up in a car and forced to interact with only the parents and the siblings for hours on end, can get exhausting and leave the little ones irritable after the first few miles. Continue reading “4 Car games that won’t drive you crazy and might even help your kids learn something”

5 photos to try and capture during your baby’s first week of life

As a parent, it’s natural to want to capture every little detail of your child’s life – from the first tilt of the head to each little yawn waiting to escape that tiny mouth. The first week of a baby’s life is especially significant, as it is replete with a number of firsts – the first nap, the first bath, and even the first tears. Here are five photos in a baby’s first week that absolutely need to be taken. Continue reading “5 photos to try and capture during your baby’s first week of life”