Bath time: a unique moment to share with your baby


Water’s the right temperature, a little foam, a soft sponge and you’re set to have a magical moment with your little one: bath time. Bathing is not only a special moment during which you can play with your baby but is really a well-received break for both of you. Do not forget to immortalize these moments through photographs and videos with StepsLife so you can always remember them. Here we have some tips so that you get the most out of that special moment with your baby; care to join us? Continue reading “Bath time: a unique moment to share with your baby”

Symptoms of pregnancy that nobody ever told you about: something you can give a humorous twist to

You’ve just discovered that you’re pregnant and the truth is that it is the happiest moment of your life. A lot of people are going to come to tell you how you are going to live this experience, but what nobody tells you is that pregnancy also has parts that few people want to remember.

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Ideas to enjoy with the kids during Easter

Easter week holidays are coming, the ideal time to plan things with the children and enjoy typical activities during these festive days. And one tradition that gains popularity is that one of the Easter Bunny, who brings us the eggs, according to tradition of the Alsace region. Both the bunny and the eggs, will be an inexhaustible source of creativity and fun for our children during these next holidays. Do not miss these ideas! Continue reading “Ideas to enjoy with the kids during Easter”

Five fun desserts to make with the kids


For any family, it’s the simple, daily activities that have the potential to excite your children a lot more than we tend to believe. To spend a fun evening at home, we propose that you indulge in the preparation of some delicious desserts with your children. Simple recipes with which to test our expertise as chefs, as well as encouraging the creativity of children through basic culinary education. Continue reading “Five fun desserts to make with the kids”

Costumes to enjoy the carnival with family

The best way to enjoy the carnival is to do it as a family. To amplify fun and laughter, instead of picking individual costumes, you might want to look for a common theme that unites all members of the family. To make it easier, we’ve got suggestions for costume themes that you could consider for this carnival with your family.

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