Fun home games you can play with your kids

Entertaining the kids at home can be easy and fun. We do not need expensive or sophisticated toys to enjoy some time with them. Quite the opposite. We can have a great time with our family creating our own games with simple materials that we have at home and then having a blast with them. Continue reading “Fun home games you can play with your kids”

A perfect baby shower that no one will forget

There is always a good reason to celebrate, and more so if it’s a baby’s arrival. And there’s not a better way to celebrate it than organizing a baby shower. This parties, which are becoming more and more common, are celebrated shortly before the baby is born (approximately a month and a half before their due date), or even once the baby has already come into the world. Continue reading “A perfect baby shower that no one will forget”

Finish your summer with these 4 family plans

Summer vacation is almost over and it’s time to get back to school, homework and in a nutshell, your daily routine for next school year. Although returning to the routine is necessary and we may even appreciate it, it is very likely that our children will react with some sadness when they realize that the holidays have come to an end.  Continue reading “Finish your summer with these 4 family plans”

Fun ideas to kick start your day with your kids

I’m sure, every mom or dad has had to deal with the phrase “I’m bored” during school holidays. What is the solution to that? Try to make every day something different, funny and unique. Always start the day in an original way, so you will hear your beautiful kids laughing as soon as the day begins. It’s much easier than you think. Take your notebook and pencil because we have some ideas for you to succeed this vacation. Continue reading “Fun ideas to kick start your day with your kids”

8 memories of your summer at the beach

Summer is the time to rest and enjoy with the family. The moments we spend with them are special, unique, and this are the ones don’t want to forget. This summer we are going to the beach, so charge your camera and your mobile phone and get ready to capture the 8 unique moments of your family that will make you remember this summer’s holidays. Continue reading “8 memories of your summer at the beach”

8 tips for traveling with kids this summer

It’s time to pack our bags and get ready for the trip. With the suitcase overflowing and the bag full of “just in case” things, it’s time to leave. It looks like everything is ready to get into the car and start the journey, but before arriving at our destination, how many times will we hear the fearsome phrase “are we there yet?” Continue reading “8 tips for traveling with kids this summer”