5 Quick and healthy breakfasts for the children of the house


We all know that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. It has to fill us with energy to face a new day, so it is essential to instil the habit of eating well when children are still young. The excuses we always make when we don’t have breakfast is the lack of time and the haste. But none of them will be valid anymore because we are here to help you with 5 recipes for easy, rich and quick breakfasts. Continue reading “5 Quick and healthy breakfasts for the children of the house”

Ideas to take advantage of winter sales for your baby

Right after Christmas, purses and wallets tend to usually be quite empty, but come January, sales begin again, as the perfect opportunity presents itself to get great discounts on the best products for our babies. These discounts allow us parents to benefit from special prices on products for our children for extended use over the course of the year that at this point, is much cheaper to purchase. Continue reading “Ideas to take advantage of winter sales for your baby”

Easy tips on how to raise happy kids

Every parent wants their children to be happy before anything else in the world. Every day with them is very rewarding; seeing their progress, listening to their laugh, observing how they socialize with other children… But in order to smile while we see them grow, there are a series of small challenges that we have to learn to overcome. Although parenting is a long-distance race in which there are no magic formulas, there are some tips that will help us to raise happy children. Continue reading “Easy tips on how to raise happy kids”