8 memories of your summer at the beach

Summer is the time to rest and enjoy with the family. The moments we spend with them are special, unique, and this are the ones don’t want to forget. This summer we are going to the beach, so charge your camera and your mobile phone and get ready to capture the 8 unique moments of your family that will make you remember this summer’s holidays. Continue reading “8 memories of your summer at the beach”

9 photo ideas to remember this summer forever

Take advantage of this summer vacation and organize a family photo shoot. Imagine all those pictures that will later help you remember the wonderful summer you are about to live. If you need some inspiration, don’t miss these 9 original ideas to take the best pictures of your summer break. Continue reading “9 photo ideas to remember this summer forever”

Why the rule of thirds can help you capture better photos of your kids at the big moments

If there’s one thing parents across borders have in common, it’s the incomparable need to capture as many photographs of their little ones as possible. Somehow, through their eyes, everyday activities like the kids brushing their teeth, playing with their toys, or even yawning, become absolute wonders that need to be frozen forever as snapshots. Continue reading “Why the rule of thirds can help you capture better photos of your kids at the big moments”

A moment in time

“You don’t make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.” (Ansel Adams).

The most treasured photos are the ones that make you feel. They are the images that capture a fleeting moment and they are the silent storytellers of a personal history. Continue reading “A moment in time”

How to capture your child’s first moments

Watching your child as they take their first few steps outdoors, start to eat solid food or learn to play on their own is an unbelievable experience and something you’ll cherish forever. But those first few life-defining moments are something your child won’t recall, and no matter how much you try to describe these moments, the meaning of them can be lost. This is why we created StepsLife.

To help you fill your baby’s StepsLife Album with the right photos, here are a few top tips.

Continue reading “How to capture your child’s first moments”