How to choose the best changing table for your baby

Maybe you never thought about the amount of tools and accessories a baby needs before having your own. Things like furniture for their new bedroom or for yours too,  food, hygiene products , tiny toys and many other things will be part of the many purchases and decisions you will have to make before your baby’s arrival. Continue reading “How to choose the best changing table for your baby”

5 must-haves to have a picnic with babies

The weather is perfect to have a small picnic in the weekend. No need to go too far, and you don’t even have to drive. Discover the parks in your city, enjoy the environment and have a fun meal with your family.

But what do you need to have a picnic with a baby? These are the must-haves you should not forget. Continue reading “5 must-haves to have a picnic with babies”

4 Tips for post-work play

Working hours are growing more grueling with each passing year, and competition only seems to be moving in one direction – upward. Consequently, it comes as no surprise that first-time parents find it challenging to spend adequate time with their children. But balancing work and parenthood is an art, and just like most things, can be easily accomplished with the right tips and tricks. Continue reading “4 Tips for post-work play”