StepsLife is 1 year old today!

Today is a very special day for all of us: our StepsLife has turned 1!

During these 12 months, we have lived great moments and we have grown together. And all of this has only been possible thanks to you. StepsLife was born out of a dream: to enable all children to remember and relive the best moments of their childhood. Our greatest desire is to keep alive the story of your pregnancy, the first months of your baby, his/her first steps, adventures, school parties, and so on… And keep all those adventures in a safe place, with only limited access available to the people you want to share it with, and where everything is classified and ordered by dates. It’s time to put an end to creating folders and ordering all the memories of our children ever so often. Continue reading “StepsLife is 1 year old today!”

Encouraging kids to talk about their day in a way that actually gets them to talk

As your kids get older, a lot of the big moments will happen while you’re not together – at school, playing sports, with friends. While many kids can be reluctant to discuss their day, if you can chat with them you’ll be able to remember the big moments that come, even if they don’t, and share those memories later. Continue reading “Encouraging kids to talk about their day in a way that actually gets them to talk”

How to choose the best changing table for your baby

Maybe you never thought about the amount of tools and accessories a baby needs before having your own. Things like furniture for their new bedroom or for yours too,  food, hygiene products , tiny toys and many other things will be part of the many purchases and decisions you will have to make before your baby’s arrival. Continue reading “How to choose the best changing table for your baby”