6 types of photos you must take of your child before they turn 2


The spontaneity that kids bring makes for some perfect opportunities to capture unforgettable photos; images that exude affection, tenderness and are full of humor. Could you imagine how magical it’d be if one day your children were to look back at those photos with their own children? Continue reading “6 types of photos you must take of your child before they turn 2”

Bath time: a unique moment to share with your baby


Water’s the right temperature, a little foam, a soft sponge and you’re set to have a magical moment with your little one: bath time. Bathing is not only a special moment during which you can play with your baby but is really a well-received break for both of you. Do not forget to immortalize these moments through photographs and videos with StepsLife so you can always remember them. Here we have some tips so that you get the most out of that special moment with your baby; care to join us? Continue reading “Bath time: a unique moment to share with your baby”

Ideas to take advantage of winter sales for your baby

Right after Christmas, purses and wallets tend to usually be quite empty, but come January, sales begin again, as the perfect opportunity presents itself to get great discounts on the best products for our babies. These discounts allow us parents to benefit from special prices on products for our children for extended use over the course of the year that at this point, is much cheaper to purchase. Continue reading “Ideas to take advantage of winter sales for your baby”

For a 2018 marked by good resolutions


As the new year approaches, with it come the endless lists of positive resolutions that you expect to achieve. With that being said, the resolutions that both dads and mums must commit the most with are the ones regarding their children.

In this article, we offer you five resolutions that mums from the StepsLife team have embedded in a letter to their little kids: Continue reading “For a 2018 marked by good resolutions”

Best Christmas photo ideas for your Family


Christmas brings a whole lot of joy. Wherever we look, there are magical moments that we do not want to miss, nor forget. To remember these beautiful moments, we suggest you immortalize them through funny pictures that you can store and organize on StepsLife, and thus start building a time capsule for your baby. Continue reading “Best Christmas photo ideas for your Family”

5 photos to try and capture during your baby’s first week of life

As a parent, it’s natural to want to capture every little detail of your child’s life – from the first tilt of the head to each little yawn waiting to escape that tiny mouth. The first week of a baby’s life is especially significant, as it is replete with a number of firsts – the first nap, the first bath, and even the first tears. Here are five photos in a baby’s first week that absolutely need to be taken. Continue reading “5 photos to try and capture during your baby’s first week of life”