For a 2018 marked by good resolutions


As the new year approaches, with it come the endless lists of positive resolutions that you expect to achieve. With that being said, the resolutions that both dads and mums must commit the most with are the ones regarding their children.

In this article, we offer you five resolutions that mums from the StepsLife team have embedded in a letter to their little kids: Continue reading “For a 2018 marked by good resolutions”

Six Christmas decorations that you can make with your kids


The time to set your home ready for Christmas has arrived. Get ready to take out all your boxes with the Christmas balls, the tree and to set the Christmas manger up as days go by.

At StepsLife, we would like to propose some ideas to have fun while decorating your house for the incoming festivities because, not only will you enjoy the magic of Christmas, but you will also live the most fun moments while making artful items with your little ones. Continue reading “Six Christmas decorations that you can make with your kids”

Best Christmas photo ideas for your Family


Christmas brings a whole lot of joy. Wherever we look, there are magical moments that we do not want to miss, nor forget. To remember these beautiful moments, we suggest you immortalize them through funny pictures that you can store and organize on StepsLife, and thus start building a time capsule for your baby. Continue reading “Best Christmas photo ideas for your Family”