Costumes to enjoy the carnival with family

The best way to enjoy the carnival is to do it as a family. To amplify fun and laughter, instead of picking individual costumes, you might want to look for a common theme that unites all members of the family. To make it easier, we’ve got suggestions for costume themes that you could consider for this carnival with your family.

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6 photos that shouldn´t be missing from your family’s autumn album

Autumn is here, the perfect season to make small family getaways and enjoy nature. And simple family activities can lead to magical moments that you will always remember.

For those moments, you never want to forget, we propose you 6 ideas to take the best autumn pictures that you should not be missing from your family album.

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Best costumes for your baby’s first Halloween

There’s little time left before Halloween, and you still don’t have your baby’s costume ready? Don’t worry, we have just the solution!

Even though your little one may not have any clue about what Halloween is, his/her first costume is something that you’d probably want to remember forever. From baby animals to cute, magical characters, we’ve tried to round up the most adorable costumes for your baby’s first Halloween celebration. Let’s get on with it! Continue reading “Best costumes for your baby’s first Halloween”

Easy tips on how to raise happy kids

Every parent wants their children to be happy before anything else in the world. Every day with them is very rewarding; seeing their progress, listening to their laugh, observing how they socialize with other children… But in order to smile while we see them grow, there are a series of small challenges that we have to learn to overcome. Although parenting is a long-distance race in which there are no magic formulas, there are some tips that will help us to raise happy children. Continue reading “Easy tips on how to raise happy kids”

Fun ideas to kick start your day with your kids

I’m sure, every mom or dad has had to deal with the phrase “I’m bored” during school holidays. What is the solution to that? Try to make every day something different, funny and unique. Always start the day in an original way, so you will hear your beautiful kids laughing as soon as the day begins. It’s much easier than you think. Take your notebook and pencil because we have some ideas for you to succeed this vacation. Continue reading “Fun ideas to kick start your day with your kids”

9 photo ideas to remember this summer forever

Take advantage of this summer vacation and organize a family photo shoot. Imagine all those pictures that will later help you remember the wonderful summer you are about to live. If you need some inspiration, don’t miss these 9 original ideas to take the best pictures of your summer break. Continue reading “9 photo ideas to remember this summer forever”

5 tips for preparing children for the arrival of a new sibling

The birth of a new baby in the family is always a happy thing and a just cause of celebration for parents all over the world. But this joyous news could have a different effect on the new baby’s older siblings- while everyone in the family is focused on the newborn for a while, older kids experience a change in their role that can be tough for them. Consequently, most children (especially when they are much older than their new sibling) can feel a bit envious of all the attention that a newborn is showered with. Continue reading “5 tips for preparing children for the arrival of a new sibling”