Ideas to enjoy with the kids during Easter

Easter week holidays are coming, the ideal time to plan things with the children and enjoy typical activities during these festive days. And one tradition that gains popularity is that one of the Easter Bunny, who brings us the eggs, according to tradition of the Alsace region. Both the bunny and the eggs, will be an inexhaustible source of creativity and fun for our children during these next holidays. Do not miss these ideas! Continue reading “Ideas to enjoy with the kids during Easter”

4 Car games that won’t drive you crazy and might even help your kids learn something

Nearly every manual says the same thing about road trips – they are fun, free, and liberating. Well, ask any parent if this is true of family road trips, and they’ll silently, almost guiltily, disagree just a little bit. The truth is, taking kids along on a long drive, with them cozied up in a car and forced to interact with only the parents and the siblings for hours on end, can get exhausting and leave the little ones irritable after the first few miles. Continue reading “4 Car games that won’t drive you crazy and might even help your kids learn something”

Fun home games you can play with your kids

Entertaining the kids at home can be easy and fun. We do not need expensive or sophisticated toys to enjoy some time with them. Quite the opposite. We can have a great time with our family creating our own games with simple materials that we have at home and then having a blast with them. Continue reading “Fun home games you can play with your kids”