8 tips for traveling with kids this summer

It’s time to pack our bags and get ready for the trip. With the suitcase overflowing and the bag full of “just in case” things, it’s time to leave. It looks like everything is ready to get into the car and start the journey, but before arriving at our destination, how many times will we hear the fearsome phrase “are we there yet?” Continue reading “8 tips for traveling with kids this summer”

5 Tips for a fun beach day with your baby

The long-awaited summer vacation has finally arrived. We were looking forward to having some free days to spend more time with our family. One of the favorite destinations for families with children is the beach, kids love water and playing in the sand. It’s like having a natural amusement park at your fingertips. Continue reading “5 Tips for a fun beach day with your baby”

Your baby’s first words

Don’t ever forget your baby’s first words. Record them so you can remember them when your child is all grown up. StepsLife will help you.

Mommy or Daddy? Which one was your baby’s first words? You will never forget those first words. It is one of the most special moments to remember in your baby’s life, and of course, in yours. Because those very first milestones are the ones that leave a trace. Continue reading “Your baby’s first words”